Sunday, May 19, 2013

Final Standings after Swiss Rounds

Here are the 16 highest ranked players after 8 rounds of Swiss Pair play.
Out of 132 participants, they advances to the knock-out stage of 2013's
National Championship.

01 Wytze Kluitenberg09 Paul Fransz
02 Bob Schildkamp10 Liam Tan
03 Mossab El Hayani11 Ying Guo
04 Kin Wang Jim12 Jip van den Boogerd
05 Jelle Verschuure13 Bob Maeyer
06 Stephan Sluis14 Romano Dedong
07 Rafaël Neven15 Joey Takkenberg
08 Floris van Asch16 Jeremy von Franquemont